The Saga continues


It’s been a little more than 24 hours since I had my job interview for the Prep Cook position in one of our local restaurants and I am feeling more and more like I won’t get the job because of my age and my inexperience in a real restaurant kitchen.

I know it seems silly to feel that way after a mere 24 hours however, amongst other things, I suffer from depression. That’s a reality that I have just recently come to accept and I guess is one of the reasons I try so hard with my recipes. I don’t want to fail at those and add another piece to the “failure” pile which, by the way, my therapist keeps telling me is not as big as my imagination makes it out to be.

Imagination can be a wonderful thing. It allows us to use everyday items and transform them into a play toy that will keep us occupied for hours. It allows us to read a book and be transported to some mystical realm and it also allows us to create wonderfully flavorful dishes in the kitchen but imagination suffers when depression surfaces because the mind says “you can’t do this so don’t even try” and so you give up and if you let it then depression will certainly kill any New Beginning. The thing I have to remember is that I AM THE BOSS not the negative thoughts and as long as I keep that in mind I am well on my way to coming out on top in this particular battle.

So my friends if like me you suffer from depression, anxiety or any of the myriad of Mental Health issues that we still don’t talk about openly then I suggest you do what I need to do—- lean on family and friends, remember I am the boss and fight to get better —– after all you and I are worth it.

Until next time………….

Bon Appetit