Revitalize rather than toss (part two)


So the second part of my herb garden is now finished and the herbs are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY—- well except for the Lemon Verbena—- I think it’s history but I” try to give it some TLC and see if it can be “reborn” so to speak.

The white legs and support posts are plastic stair rails that I found at our local Re-Store and since any money I spend in there goes to Habitat for Humanity I was more than happy to purchase all they had. Helped that they were $1.50 a piece as well.

Now as I said in my earlier post I planted things that I will definitely use in any cooking I do and I’m rather exited since my Habanero plants are sprouting their little pieces of heat and my Tomatillo plant has little Tomatillos on it which will serve me well when I make Salsa Verde in the not to distant future. As well my Vietnamese Cilantro is moving along quite well as is the Curly Parsley which are the most vital components (well except maybe for the garlic) of any Chimichurri (see sauces and dips).

What I hope the whole Revitalize rather than toss post (both parts) demonstrates is that with a little bit of  imagination and a very little bit of cash, think the total for the whole project was in the $20.00 range, you can give yourself something that will serve you in your culinary pursuits as well as save a little room in your local land fill.

So until the next Simple but tasty recipe for the grilling season and beyond………

Bon Apetite 


Revitalize rather than toss (part one)



This post is going to be a little bit different than anything else to date because it does not have a recipe attached nor is it something that just anybody can do and I don’t mean that in a negative way. It’s simply that this post won’t appeal to you if you don’t have an old BBQ sitting around gathering rust.

The BBQ pictured on the left is one of the first charcoal BBQ’s I ever purchased and although it was useful in the beginning it simply didn’t really fill my need and so it was eventually replaced and wound up being relegated to the side of the house where it started collecting rust.

Fast forward a couple of years and what was once my vegetable garden has now become my better half’s domain with plants and bushes and trees”—– Oh My!  So I decided to revitalize my old BBQ and turn it into a Herb garden…. that’s half the finished product on the right which happens to be the bottom part of the “cue”. This kind of project is easy and does not take long as it is a simple matter of clean out the dirt, scrape off the rust and paint it with a colorful Rust Preventative paint. As I said this is the easy part.

If you’re a cook like me choosing the right herb to plant is the hard part and you do need to put some thought into it or you will wind up with a bunch of stuff you can’t use and you have then wasted your money.

When I picked the ones that I wanted I took a look at the things I like to cook and then designed the herb garden to compliment my recipes. I now have things like Pineapple Sage, which is excellent with poultry, Vietnamese Cilantro— Why?— Why Not?, Greek Oregano, Habaneros and Jalapenos—- Okay those last two are not herbs but I like to use hot peppers in some of my dishes and sauces. I have two types of Basil-one for spaghetti sauce and one for pesto and something I have never cooked with in my life but I am ssssssooooooo looking forward to using it—— Tomatillos—- otherwise known as Mexican Tomatoes and I only wound up with these because the lady at the garden center has them growing wild in her garden. Tomatillos make an excellent Salsa Verde (green chili sauce) for which I can use the hot peppers and Cilantro I am growing and then include it in things like Chicken Enchiladas, Green Chicken Tacos or simply as a dipping sauce for homemade Nachos and this is why it is important to match your cooking style with what you grow.

So as you can see Revitalizing something like an old BBQ can open up a whole world of new projects and can make your favorite dishes sing with flavor.

I still have to finish what was the top part of the BBQ and that will be part two of this post so please stay tuned and until next time……..


Bon Appetite