Container Gardening

Container planting

Container Gardening

My wonderful and very talented wife of 36 years was the genius behind the whole idea of naming this blog Gardens and Grills because a number of years ago when we were both a little more active she loved to putter in the garden while I puttered at the grill making snacks and stuff for her break time. Unfortunately she got sick and had to stop working in the garden because she simply couldn’t handle it however I am happy to say that she has gotten very much better and is now back at it.

Now not being a flower/plant guy I have no idea, with the exception of the cactus, what any of these plants are I do however know that they were all purchased separately and planted in the container and the end result is my wife’s handiwork which is also a really awesome display of her artistic talents and showcases that even a small container can look beautiful.

The weather in my part of the universe has gotten a little crappy the last few days so I will have to wait for it to improve before I can display some more of her projects so until then  enjoy your own garden whatever type it may be.

Until next time……

                             Happy Gardening