My name is Paul Sinclair and I am a FOODIE. I love being a Foodie. In fact I wear the badge FOODIE with pride and if there was a Foodie union I’d be the President.

I’m not your typical foodie by any stretch of the imagination. In fact cooking for me is not just a hobby it’s a passion. There is nothing I like better after a long day than to retire to the kitchen to whip up something for the family and then enjoy the look on their faces as they chow down on what I have prepared. I have even taken my passion to the point where I take part in a Charity Event every year called REAL MEN CAN COOK. This event helps raise money for agencies that help children.

Now I only really started cooking back in 1997 after my wife was diagnosed with Cancer and she could no longer man the kitchen as she had done, wonderfully, for many years so it fell to me to take over and, surprise surprise, I really like it.

I should point out that the recipes I will be sharing are not all my creations.
Most often I will take a recipe and Tweek it or Twist it to make it my own and by the time I’m done it only slightly resembles the original.

What I hope to accomplish here is to bring to you some of my favorite recipes for the grilling season and beyond and to hopefully spark the inner foodie in some of you so you too can find the same joy in cooking that I do.

I should also mention that the header picture above is NOT from my yard. I found it in an edition of Homes and Gardens and it just seemed to fit the whole concept perfectly so Thanks Homes and Gardens.

Hope you find what you are looking for when you visit and I look forward to any comments you may have.




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