Spill Clean Up

Spill Clean Up

Spill Clean Up

If you are like me and have the occasional “klutz moment” in the kitchen you generally know how to clean it up really quickly however there is one mishap that quite a number of people encounter but don’t have the foggiest idea how to fix…. Spilling cooking oil on the floor.

Having spent years working in commercial kitchens I encountered this particular “hazard” many many times and found it odd that seasoned line cooks would immediately reach for the bucket of water and a mop in order to clean it up all the while not remembering that the water will simply spread the oil because, as we all know, oil and water don’t mix.

So you may ask what is the correct way to clean up such as mess? Plain old Kitchen Salt poured on the oil and left to dry. 

Now I don’t know the science behind this but I guarantee it works. Once the salt has dried simply sweep it up and no one will ever be the wiser.

So there you have it another “simple and easy kitchen hack from my kitchen to yours.”

Until next time……

                            Bon Appetit 



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