BBQ Pig tails


BBQ Pig tails

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: Easy
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I currently live in the Waterloo Region of Southwestern Ontario Canada . Specifically I am in the Kitchener /Waterloo area and the reason I mention this is due to the very rich German heritage this area has. In fact the city of Kitchener was originally named Berlin and the name only changed in September 1916.

With the rich food heritage the German people have it is a wonder to me, especially with my love affair with pork, that it has taken so long to try this part of the noble pig and while some people may turn up their nose at the mere thought of eating the tail let me tell you it is delicious.

As a side note I used short cut tails because this is the first time making this dish however whole tails are preferable.

Here’s how we do this one.

Shopping list:

  • 1 pound short cut Pig Tails
  • 4 Plums
  • Barbecue sauce

Putting it all together:

  1. Place the pig tails in a large pot with just enough water to cover. Bring to a boil and let go for 15 minutes.
  2. Remove the tails and empty the pot. Put the tails back in the pot and cover with more water until just submerged.
  3. Bring the water to a boil then reduce the heat and simmer for 90 minutes.
  4. Heat your grill to 350° and add the tails.
  5. As the tails get crispy baste with your BBQ sauce turning every couple of minutes.
  6. Split the plums and lightly grill them.
  7. Pull off the heat and enjoy.

Cooks note: Simmering the tails is necessary in order to render down the fat and ensure the tails do not get chewy or rubbery.

There you have it another “simple but tasty recipe for the grilling season and beyond.”

Until next time……….

                            Bon Appetit





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