FoodSaver 2000

Food Saver 2000

The song by the Boomtown Rats —- “I don’t like Mondays”—- has been playing in my head most of the day and this is because, well, it’s Monday. Now normally I would wholeheartedly agree with the title of the song however today is a bit of a different Monday for me because I have been able to play with a new kitchen gadget—– my FoodSaver 2000™. 

For those not familiar with this particular gadget it is simply a food vacuum sealer. You know the kind—- place the food in the bag and vacuum seal it so your food stays fresher and longer in the freezer and when I say longer I aint whistling Dixie. For instance the reference guide that accompanies the product states that beef,pork and lamb under normal storage has a freezer life of 6 months but with the FoodSaver™ it’s 2-3 years!!! If this is the truth and not simply marketing hype…. and I don’t think it is hype…. then I don’t know why I didn’t buy one earlier.

These things are so easy to use. Simply measure out the length of the bag you need, cut on the dotted line and seal the bag. Put whatever you are freezing in the bag and follow the instructions printed on the inside lid…… it’s a can’t miss procedure as is evidenced by the Bahn Mi Pork Butt chops I sealed for future use. The best part is this one is relatively inexpensive at around $114.00 (that’s Canadian dollars).


I have a feeling this little gadget is in store for some heavy usage around here because now I will be buying in bulk and freezing all kinds of things and as the product reviews I have read indicate this machine will last between 5 and 8 years so it’s already looking to be a smart investment.

If you don’t have one I would recommend you make the investment and cut down on food waste and your grocery bill…. you won’t regret it.

Until next time…….

                        Bon Appetit



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