Revitalize rather than toss (part two)


So the second part of my herb garden is now finished and the herbs are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY—- well except for the Lemon Verbena—- I think it’s history but I” try to give it some TLC and see if it can be “reborn” so to speak.

The white legs and support posts are plastic stair rails that I found at our local Re-Store and since any money I spend in there goes to Habitat for Humanity I was more than happy to purchase all they had. Helped that they were $1.50 a piece as well.

Now as I said in my earlier post I planted things that I will definitely use in any cooking I do and I’m rather exited since my Habanero plants are sprouting their little pieces of heat and my Tomatillo plant has little Tomatillos on it which will serve me well when I make Salsa Verde in the not to distant future. As well my Vietnamese Cilantro is moving along quite well as is the Curly Parsley which are the most vital components (well except maybe for the garlic) of any Chimichurri (see sauces and dips).

What I hope the whole Revitalize rather than toss post (both parts) demonstrates is that with a little bit of  imagination and a very little bit of cash, think the total for the whole project was in the $20.00 range, you can give yourself something that will serve you in your culinary pursuits as well as save a little room in your local land fill.

So until the next Simple but tasty recipe for the grilling season and beyond………

Bon Apetite 



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