Cuban sandwich


When most people think of Cuba they think of Sandy beaches, Mojitos, Cigars, the U.S. embargo and of course Castro.

Me… I’m weird. I think of Classic cars (or they could be with some work) great people and of course absolutely killer food. Fabulous dishes like Paella Valenciana (chicken ,rice and seafood) or Chuletas de Puerco Ahumadas (smoked pork chops) or what has become one of my all-time favorite sandwiches….. Sandwiche Cubano—– The CUBAN SANDWICH.

When it comes to “simple but tasty” recipes this is one that is sure to deliver.


–         4 slices of ham

–         4 slices roast pork (always better if you slow roast it yourself)

–         3 slices of Swiss cheese

–         3 or 4 pickle slices

–         Yellow mustard (not spicy or dijon)

–         Cuban bread hard crust (or French bread)

–         Garlic butter or spread


–         If you can get your hands on fresh, crusty Cuban bread, that would work best. But if not, you can also use a 12 to 16 inch loaf of French Bread, cut in half.

–         Cut the ends off of the French bread and reserve for making bread crumbs.

–         Cut the loaf in half to make two six inch sandwiches and then cut the loaf lengthwise.

–          Spread the garlic butter on both halves of the bread and lay garlic butter side down in a hot pan to toast

–         When the bread is toasted build the sandwich in this fashion: Spread mustard on both sides of the bread then layer the Ham, Pork, Swiss cheese and pickles then top with the other half of the bread.

–         Put the sandwich in a Panini press until crispy on the outside

–         Cut on the bias and enjoy

Now if you are like me and do not have a Panini Press but you do have a Grill Pan (see kitchen gadgets) then simply heat the grill pan on the stove and weigh the sandwich down with something heavy—- like a brick wrapped in several layers of tin foil. Doing this will give you the same “grill” marks that a Panini press would and it helps with the presentation of the sandwich. Serve with your favorite side.

There you have it…. A “simple but tasty” recipe that is sure to make your taste buds soar.

                             Bon Appetit


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