Curried Chicken Burgers

Curried chicken burger


So I was at my doctors one day and she says to me “We should do some blood work since it has not been done in a while”.

“Okay says I” (why do I sound like Captain Jack Sparrow here?)

She calls me a short time later and says “You have Hemochromatosis and you can’t eat red meat”. “OOOOKKKAAAYYY……… what’s that?”  Well it seems it is a build up of Iron in major organs and as such I need to lay off the red meat if not cut it out entirely (yeah like thatps going to happen).

Well needless to say my heart stopped, my jaw dropped into my shoes and I envisioned my world at an end. NO RED MEAT? I’m a carnivore I eat red meat. Imagine a world without Beef burgers, rack of Lamb or Steak? What am I supposed to do I asked her?

Her answer was simple—- Adapt!!!

Well this recipe is my adaptation to not being able to eat red meat as often as I would like and I hope you like it as well. If you are not a lover of Curry or Garam Masala then simply leave it out and still create a killer burger.

Curried Chicken Burgers

–         2 Pounds lean ground chicken

–         2 Eggs

–         1/2 Cup bread crumbs

–         1 Teaspoon salt

–         1 Teaspoon ground pepper

–         2 Tablespoons Garum Masala

–         1 ½ Teaspoons granulated garlic

–         1 ½ Teaspoons granulated onion

–         Mix all ingredients in a large bowl being careful not to overwork the mixture

–         Form 6 ounce patties

–         Refrigerate for approx. one hour to allow the patties to set

–         BBQ and serve on a toasted bun with lettuce and tomato.

–         These go very well with a Chipotle mayo.

Bon Appetit


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